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Mike Fontana

Metro New York Based



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Consulting and Advisory Experience:


Mike Fontana is a Leadership Advisor specializing in Human Capital Development and Organizational Transformation.  Mike provides a unique skill set to his clients by combining his extensive experience as a Organizational Management Consultant, Executive Coach, and Licensed Psychotherapist.  He has a deep knowledge of Organizational Systems and Change Processes, as well as more than two decades of experience as a hands-on business executive in the corporate world.


Mike functions as a trusted advisor to Senior and C-Suite Executives.  His primary focus is on helping the individual and organization develop the tools they need to navigate ever changing market conditions and an organization's ability to adapt to change, be it at the Executive Leadership Table or through the ranks of management to the operating and execution levels.   He focuses on effective execution and implementation of business strategies, with a keen lens on Value Creation for both shareholders and employees.


Mike is very adept at identifying and offering effective solutions for the complex interpersonal relationships that occur as individuals deal with the stress of constant change.  He is skilled at pinpointing the underlying behavioral patterns and processes that need to be transformed and modified, both individually and collectively.  He knows how to help reduce stress, solve problems, and has extensive experience helping turn negative patterns into positive outcomes.

"As a corporate consultant and leadership adviser to senior executives, I help corporate leaders convert underutilized human resources into positive assets that are concentrated on achieving their strategic mission.  My primary focus: the interpersonal relationships that occur within organizational systems, as well as looking beyond daily routines, personality and corporate cultural issues to pinpoint underlying patterns and processes that need to be transformed or modified."

Career Highlights:


Mike has over 20 years of experience working with Senior Executives in the Financial Service sector, as well as various other industries.   His client companies include large institutional organizations like: CITI, BNYM, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, BOA, and he also works with mid-cap and smaller client companies that include various Private Equity, VC, and Family owned firms and Family Offices.  His skill set is also particularly relevant to M&A and IPO situations.




MS - Organizational Behavior and Development

MS - Systemic - Marriage and Family - Therapy

BS  - Structural Engineering



Hogan Leadership Series Certification – HPI, HDS, & MVPI; Hogan 360 Assessments

MBTI, TKI and Fibro-B Certified (CPP)

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, LMFT, in CT & NY States

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